AME Media and Anoujoum Magazine Testimonial


We developed a media partnership with Australian Middle East Media Anoujoum Magazine to help us reach out to Arabic-speaking women between the ages of 18-69 with an important health message about cervical screening.

The Anoujoum magazine partnership was the cornerstone of the bi-lingual campaign. Hanadi Kalache was such a joy to work with and ensured all activities ran to plan. AME Media insights about the Arabic-speaking community provided us with valuable recommendations and their multiplecontent platforms helped us to explore new and dynamic delivery strategies.

Anoujoum Magazine were able to offer us premium print placements, including a whole front cover. They facilitated a photo shoot and allowed us to hang around whilst taking pictures. This was such a great experience and the cover photo turned out absolutely amazing!

Anoujoum also hosted all printed content on their website and were able to upload new articles every week for the duration of the campaign. They also facilitated the production of a short video for YouTube and conducted cross-platform promotion on Facebook.

The whole Anoujoum team was so friendly and accommodating. We thank AME Media and would not hesitate to contact them again or to recommend them to others.

Full list of services provided below:

  • Magazine cover shoot and placement
  • Talent interview in Arabic
  • Feature article in English
  • Premium banner placement on website
  • Publishing of weekly content online
  • Production of Youtube video
  • Cross-promotional activity on Facebook
  • Facilitating the giveaway of premiums with purchase of magazine